Cacao Beans Origins

Two origins of cacao beans from Ecuador and Peru are being used currently, both of them are Best 50 cacao. We change the origins interchangeably according to season and also pop-up some other origins with different tasting profile from time to time. 

Ecuador - Costa Esmeraldas 

Costa Esmeraldas is a family owned single estate, operated 100-hectare cacao farm. All members of the Salazar family actively participate in the cacao business.

The post-harvest facility is built on a nearby off-farm site with an unusually dry and sunny micro-climate which greatly limits mold development and bacterial spoilage during the drying process. 

All cacao fruits are harvested, broken, and placed into fermentation boxes on the same day. Exceptionally clean red-brown beans. Ecuadorian Nacional hybrids: EET-95, EET-96, EET-103. 

Tasting Note

Blackcurrant, Banana, Baked bread

Peru - Ucayali River

Ucayali River Cacao is located near Pucallpa, Ucayali, Peru. Ucayali River Cacao works with communities to develop quality standards for wet cacao. Only fresh cacao opened the morning of pick-up is sourced and loaded into fermentation boxes by nightfall. Ucayali River Cacao supports farmers by purchasing wet cacao at premiums averaging 10% over the local market rate for an equivalent amount of dry weight. Most local farmers have 1-2 hectares of cacao trees – about 2000 trees in total, but a few farms are as large as 5-6 hectares.

The post-harvest facility is in a rural agricultural area of the Curimaná district.  Although the wet Amazonian climate presents a challenge for drying, a brand-new fermentation facility was designed to foster effective natural drying and produce an exceptionally product with high quality and consistency.

Mostly Trinitario clones (ICS-1, ICS-39, ICS-95, TSH-565), with locally selected cultivars and older seedlings of native Peruvian origin.

Tasting Note

Wild Honey, Orange Blossom, Cedar

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