How to make a cup of ICED chocolate

Iced chocolate

A cup of iced chocolate is the best way to taste the notes of cacao

  • Single origin drinking chocolate powder 30g
  • Hot milk 100ml (Can adjust the ratio of milk to water, e.g. 50ml water + 50ml milk in case you want a less creamy chocolate and to taste those subtle notes more clearly.) 
  • Boil / steam milk to 85 degrees or above
  • Stir in 1/2 portion  (15g) of chocolate powder, pour the rest 1/2 portion (15g) and keep stirring until smooth
  • Add ice cubes and keep stirring until cool


Can also make drinking chocolate with plant based milk including soy, oat and almond milk, texture will be different but are all delicious.


Drinking Chocolate Powder

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