Hakawa Chocolateis a mix of the terms Hong Kongand kakawa”, the ancient word for cacao. Established in 2016 after two years of research on the idea and experiment in making of bean-to-barchocolate, we are dedicated to produce authentic food for people of and visitors to Hong Kong and introduce people to more aspects of culinary heritage. Currently we are running a production workshop and outlet at Gough Street, Centrala tiny shop including a production kitchen of around seven square meters. All our chocolate is made from scratch (from sourcing raw cacao beans from farmersto sortingroastingwinnowinggrindingtempering and moulding chocolate to produce the bars), to ensure authentic food is made. In parallelsharing our vision and connecting the community and neighborhood with food and related education and cultural initiatives.

Hakawa」是「Hong Kong」(香港) 和「Kakawa」(中美洲遠古文明對朱古力的稱號) 的結合,意指香港製造的朱古力。我們由搜集有關「Bean-To-Bar」資料開始,歷經兩年探索與實驗,於2016年成立 Hakawa Chocolate,旨在提供「真實的食物」(Authentic / Real Food) 予香港人或訪客,並介紹飲食文化的種種現時我們於中環歌賦街不足一百尺的微型工作室以「前店後工場」方式運作,製作朱古力器材朝桁晚拆,但堅持落實 Bean-To-Bar 的概念,以可可原豆去做朱古力:從由農民、莊園或合作社處購買可可豆,揀豆 (sorting)、烘焙 (roasting)、研碎 (cracking)、篩選 (winnowing)、輾磨 (grinding)、精煉 (conching)調溫 (tempering) 到成型 (moulding) 一手包辦。在落實製作「真實的食物」同時,也嘗試以食物及相關的教育與文化活動,分享我們的理念並連結社區鄰里。